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Ink & Toner Outlet was founded by Mike Morris in 2009. After spending years in the printer re-manufacturing business, Morris identified flaws in the system that were not only costing resellers more money, but in turn, their clients as well. Not only was money being wasted, but the industry as a whole, which was supposed to also be providing an environmental benefit, wasn’t being as efficient as possible.


With these problems at the forefront of his mind, Morris set out to create Ink & Toner Outlet, a company with the key goals of saving customers time and money, as well as being more environmentally conscious.

Why Ink & Toner Outlet?

We are our own wholesaler, effectively cutting out the middle man.


 We solely deal with clients in the Tulsa Area, providing expedient and personalized service.


We utilize environmentally friendly ways of doing business, such as printing on recycled papers and providing re-manufactured products at significant cost savings for the consumer.


These differences are what set us apart in the printing supplies business. By dealing with the wholesaler, you save money, and by purchasing re-manufactured supplies, you’re doing good for the environment.